Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 42 / NOVEMBER 1983 / PAGE 80

Crazy Climber

Ted Reynolds

As you scale the side of a building, maneuvering around windows, watch out for the falling flowerpots and attacking birds. Originally written on the VIC with joystick, versions are included for the 64 (with joystick) and the TI-99/4A with Extended BASIC.

"Crazy Climber" is a game requiring manual dexterity and judgment. With a joystick, you control the Crazy Climber as he scales the side of a brick building, avoiding windows and falling objects. The higher he climbs, the higher your score.

The VIC Version

First, type in and save Program 1. Then type in Program 2 and save it immediately following Program 1 on the same tape. When Program 1 is RUN, it will cause Program 2 to be loaded from tape and RUN automatically.

When the game starts, you will see a demonstration of the Crazy Climber in action. After this brief display, he will come to a stop, and you can start play by pressing the fire button.

If the Crazy Climber falls, the game ends and your score is displayed. Simply press the fire button to start another game. The climber will fall if any contact is made with a window. It's easy going until your score reaches 100. At this point, you'll have to contend with falling flowerpots. At 300, the flowerpots will stop falling, but you'll have to watch out for birds flying from the left side of the screen. If you reach 600, you've made it to the top of the building, and you start at the bottom of the next building.

The 64 Version

In this version, there are some major differences in play. First, plug the joystick into Port 1. Hit the space bar to start the game. Unlike the VIC version, you can climb onto a window as long as you have some contact with the wall. A variety of objects are tossed down at you – TVs, pianos, barbells, safes (it's one of those wild and crazy apartment buildings) – and they come twice as fast after your score reaches 150.

This version also includes a high score feature. Pressing the space bar will start a new game.

If you'd rather not type in the program, I'll make a copy (VIC version only) if you send a blank tape or disk, SASE, and $3 to:

Ted Reynolds
145 North Broadway #18
Tooele, UT 84074

The climber is approaching an open window in the VIC version of "Crazy Climber."

A piano is about to fall on the climber in the 64 version of "Crazy Climber."

TI-99/4A Version Notes

Pat Parrish Programming Supervisor

In the TI-99/4A version of this game (written in Extended BASIC), you are the Crazy Climber, scrambling up the face of a building while avoiding numerous objects (piano, iron, broom, safe, barbells) tossed from the windows above. These objects are actually hurled down upon you by a relentless, sinister fellow who appears just briefly before throwing each object. If you are quick, you can dodge these oncoming objects. No one knows why he throws things; it's a quirk. Be ready to meet the challenge. For as the game progresses, the villain strikes with greater frequency.

In this game, you move the Crazy Climber over a stationary building with the E, S, D, and X keys. The screen will wrap around when you reach the top or bottom. A hundred points are awarded for crossing the top of the screen, while an equal number are deducted for crossing the bottom. In addition, ten points are given for each falling object that you avoid.

The game ends when you are hit by a ailing object or are pushed from a window by the villain. Thus, you are allowed to climb over windows in this version, but you're taking a chance. If the villain emerges while you are in a window, it's curtains for you. (You'll be relieved to discover that the Crazy Climber carries a parachute.)

One line in this program requires that you have a TI Speech Synthesizer connected to your TI-99/4A. If you don't have this peripheral, remove the CALL SAY("UHOH") statement in line 320.

TI Version of "Crazy Climber."