Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 10

Storing Scriptor And Video 80 On The Atari

In your April issue, you published two interesting Atari programs, "Scriptor" and "Video 80." Here are a few questions. How many pages can you store in a 48K Atari 400 when using Scriptor with 8K BASIC? What is the memory required for Video 80? Can Scriptor and Video 80 be merged, and, if so, what changes would have to be made?

In our July 1983 Issue, we inadvertently used the name "Castle Quest." The publication of this article is in no way intended to cause confusion with the commercially available product called "Castle Quest" by Michael S. Holtzman and Timothy Baldwin. In the future, we will refer to it as "Castle Search."

On another subject, how would I "hook up" an Epson MX-80 series printer to my 48K Atari 400 with or without the Atari 850 interface?

Ed Hallinan

Scriptor adapts itself to either 24K, 32K, or 48K and will display the number of lines free when you first run it. Each line is 38 characters. Since a printed page (double-spaced) takes about 30 75-column lines, just divide the "lines free" by 15 for a rough estimate.

Video 80 requires about 2K for the driver routine and another 8K for the high-resolution GRAPHICS 8 screen. Due to this, there is not enough memory left over in a 40K or 48K to let you store the programs and text.

You can attach almost any Centronics parallel or RS-232C serial printer to the Atari via the Atari 850 Interface Device. The new Atari 1025 80-column printer does not require the 850, however.