Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 10

PET Monitor Printout

I am an avid user of the PET machine language monitor, but I have never found a way to direct a hexadecimal dump to a printer. Is it possible to do so or am I wasting my time? Please help!

Michael Silano

For 4.0 BASIC PETs, you can print the output by typing X to exit to BASIC, then type:

OPEN 4,4: CMD 4: SYS 54386

then type the monitor command M. For example, if you wanted a printout of the hex numbers between 0400 and 0420, you would type:

.M 0400 0420

For Upgrade PETs, you can use the above, but just SYS to 4 (the way you'd ordinarily enter the monitor).

However, the easiest way to control the printer (and many other aspects of machine language programming on the PET) is a "monitor extension" program, "Micromon," published in COMPUTE! (January 1982). It's an excellent tool for machine language programming. It's available for $3 from COMPUTERS Back Issues Department.