Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 10

Can An Atari VCS Run 400/800 Programs?

I just heard that a keyboard will be coming out for the Atari 2600. Are programs from Atari 400/800 compatible with this sytem? Do they have the same programming language, not software?

Frank Martone

Atari's new add-on computer keyboard, previously called "My First Computer," has been rechristened (with a few keyboard changes) as "The Graduate." The add-on module comes with a version of BASIC that is more like Microsoft BASIC than Atari BASIC. The Graduate was designed independently of the home computer line, so although some of the graphics are similar, The Graduate has no more in common with the 400/800 than it has with a Commodore VIC-20.