Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 319

TI-99/4A Assortment

Western Properties Investment Company has produced a line of products designed for the TI-99/ 4A computer. The programs include a word processor, a data base, and a spreadsheet.

The word processor, Printer Book, is designed to handle up to two pages of text. Control of the printer is achieved through use of the CTRL key. The program can be used in conjunction with one of Western Properties' File Book programs to merge records from a data base with text. Printer Book's 14 menu options include record merging, merge to screen or printer, and automatic multi-letter printing.

File-Book III handles up to 100 records with 6 items per record. The program includes full editing, search and sort capabilities as well as output to screen, printer or tape.

Income and Expense Spread­sheet IV is an accounting spread­sheet composed of 2 income and 50 expense categories. The program produces monthly charts of each of the 52 categories and an annual chart. Data is saved to tape with a cassette routine that is four times normal speed.

Printer Book and File-Book III are available for $39.95. Income and Expense Spreadsheet sells for $43.95. The programs run on Extended BASIC, but require no memory expansion. A printer is optional for the data base and spreadsheet programs.

Western Properties Investment
Software Division
P.O. Box 9602
Marina Del Key, CA 90295