Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 319

Data Base Manager For VIC And 64

Jini Micro Systems, creator of several data base managers for Commodore computers, has released Mini Jini, a record keeper for the VIC and 64.

The program is available in cartridge format, and files can be saved to either tape or disk. It will handle between 35 and 500 records, depending on available memory.

Mini Jini will accept up to 10 fields of information per record, can sort by any field, and can search by record number, name, or phrase. When used with a printer, the program can generate reports and mailing labels.

Mini Jini includes a math function to perform calculations on file data, and it can be used in conjunction with word processing programs to produce personalized letters and custom reports.

The program sells for $89.95. Data files with sample records set up for dozens of applications are available on disk for $14.95, or tape for $9.95.

Jini Micro Systems, Inc.
Box 274
Riverdale, NY 10463