Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 319

DOS Enhancer For VIC And 64

Softron has introduced EZ/DOS, a program that simplifies the use of the Commodore 1540/1541 disk drives.

The machine language program is loaded into memory and then is invisible until you need it. Call the menu and execute one of the options. They include LOADing or SAVEing a program, replacing a program, VERIFYing a program, reading a disk directory, formatting a new disk, renaming or erasing a file, or renaming a disk.

The program, which is available on disk, sells for $29.95.

Other new products available from Softron include:

The Do It Yourself Book, a book and software package for the VIC-20. The disk version is available for $29.95, and the tape version is available for $27.94.

Pizza Time! is an 8K arcade game for the VIC-20. The disk version sells for $24.95, and the tape version sells for $22.95.

Softron's Keyboard Soft/Lay is a keyboard overlay that includes BASIC commands, memory locations, and DOS commands. It is available for both the VIC and 64 for $8.95.

Softron, Inc.
2067 Broadway, Suite 27
New York, NY 10023
(212) 490-0077