Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 41 / OCTOBER 1983 / PAGE 319

Apple, Atari, 64 Games

Avalon Hill has introduced a handful of new games for the Apple, Atari, and Commodore 64 computers. Here is what the company has to offer.

Paris in Danger is a simulation of Napoleon's 1814 campaign in France. The player can assume the role of Napoleon, Commander Schwarzenberg, or can play both sides. The $35 game is available for 48K Atari 800 and 1200XL computers.

T.G.I.F. is a party game for up to four players. The game recreates a typical working-class workweek. Can you survive until payday? The game is available on cassette for the Commodore 64, and on cassette or disk for 40K Atari machines.

Parthian Kings is an Apple game for up to four players. Feudal civil war is coming and the struggle is on for who will rule the land. The winner will be the best strategist and leader.

S.C.I.M.M.A.R.'S, which stands for Surface Contra-Gravity Individual Manned Mobile Anti-Vehicle Raiders, is a game of gladiatorial armor combat set in the far future. The $30 game is available for Apple computers.

Computer Football Strategy is a detailed statistical treatment of 18 great teams. You have 20 offensive and 10 defensive plays to choose from as the animated action unfolds on the scrolling football field. The game is available on cassette for the Commodore 64 and Atari computers, and on disk for Atari. Price is $16 for tape, $21 for disk.

T.A.C., an acronym for Tactical Armor Command, is a simulation of armored combat during World War II. Five different scenarios are available in this $40 Apple game.

The Avalon Hill Game Company
4517 Harford Road
Baltimore, MD 21214
(301) 254-5300