Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 40 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 285

VIC Wafer Storage

A low-cost micro-wafer storage device for the VIC-20 will be available later this year from Unitronics, through a licensing agreement with Vadem, the unit's builder.
    The V-20 Expander is described as an inexpensive alternative to floppy disk storage for low-end computers. It reads or writes data to small tape cassettes at a speed approaching that of disks.
    The device, which measures 5x6x7 inches, plugs into the VIC's cartridge expansion slot. It includes a 10K RAM memory expansion board, a 64K data wafer and high-speed microwafer drive, a filing system, and VWOS - the Vadem Wafer Operating System.
    Because VWOS is able to access the computer's memory bus directly, rather than through a serial port, the V-20 is able to improve on the data transfer rates of existing micro-wafer devices.
    The expander is expected to sell for about $100.

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