Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 40 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 285

Turn On The Juice

Tronix, a young company that made its first splash in the VIC-20 market, has added the Commodore 64 to its repertoire.
    The company's latest creation is Juice, a fast-paced strategy game for the 64 and Atari computers. The hero in Juice is Edison, whose job is to complete circuit boards in the face of all the troubles his adversary - Killerwatt - can throw his way.
    The game includes six play levels, each with three rounds plus a bonus round. The 32K Atari version sells for $29.95, and the Commodore 64 version sells for $34.95.
    Another Tronix offering for the 64 is Kid Grid, which previously had been released in an Atari version. In the game, "the Kid" darts around a grid trying to connect all the dots while eluding four bullies. Kid Grid sells for $34.95.
    In addition to branching into the 64 market, Tronix has bolstered its VIC-20 lineup with the addition of three new cartridge games, Deadly Skies, Scorpion, and Gold Fever!.
    Deadly Skies is a shoot-em-up game in which the player, equipped with a squadron of helicopters, takes on a military base. Gold Fever! is a maze game in which a prospector faces runaway boxcars, boulders, claim jumpers, and a limited supply of oxygen. The object of Scorpion is to keep the snake alive and fed in the midst of a world filled with dragons, frogs, Venus's-flytraps, stalkers, worms, and pods.
    Each of the VIC-20 games sells for $39.95.

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