Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 40 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 285

Kindergarten Gallery

Midwest Software has developed a series of computer programs designed for kindergarten children.
    The Kinder Koncepts software addresses reading awareness, math concepts, pattern recognition, letters, numbers, colors, and shapes.
    All programs follow the same general format, operate with a single keystroke, and keep the necessity for reading to a minimum.
    In each program, ten problems are presented. A correct answer is rewarded with a smiling face and a tune. An incorrect answer results in a frown and the chance to try again. Each program has a built-in graph so that progress can be monitored at a glance.
    The programs are available on cassette or disk for all Commodore computers except the VIC-20. Disk versions also are available for the Apple II +. The cost is $7.95 per program for cassette or $69.50 for a disk with ten programs.

Midwest Software
Box 214
Farmington, MI 48024