Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 40 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 285

Stand-On Game Controller

The Joyboard, a game controller that involves the whole body rather than just the hands, has been introduced by Amiga for the VIC-20 and Atari computers.
    The Joyboard, which comes with Mogul Maniac, a skiing simulation game, will sell for about $50. Other games designed for use with the Joyboard - Surf s Up and Off Your Rocker - will cost about $20.
    The Joyboard also can be used with many existing mazetype games to provide a different challenge, or, for shoot-em-up games, a conventional joystick can be plugged into the Joyboard to control firing, while your feet control direction.
Amiga also has produced a version of its Power-Stick joystick for the TI-99/4A. This in cludes two controllers hard-wired into a single plug to fit the TI's single jack configuration. The pair will sell for about $20.

The Joyboard
The Joyboard from Amiga transfers
videogame control from your hands to
your entire body.

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