Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 40 / SEPTEMBER 1983 / PAGE 284


Modifications Or Corrections To Previous Articles

RATS! For The 64
The 64 version of this game from the July issue is in two parts. Sue Roberts suggests a simple addition which will cause the first part, the setup program, to make the second part, the game itself, LOAD and RUN automatically. Disk users should SAVE the main game program with the filename RATMAZE, then add the following line to the setup program (Program 2, p. 60):


Astrostorm For TI
In the TI-99/4A version of "Astrostorm" (June 1983, p. 82), line 780 should read:

    780 IF CSHIP>0 THEN 810

Hawkmen Of Dindrin, VIC And 64 Versions
In the second part of the VIC version of this game from the June 1983 issue (Program 2, p. 92), the {06 LEFT} (six cursor lefts) in line 58 should be omitted. If you happen to be pushing the joystick when you lose your last player, the game ends. Bruce Stevenson and others suggest the following additional line to give you time to release the joystick or fire button:

    1024 FOR X=1 TO 700:NEXT X

    In the 64 version, the misplaced line 288 should be omitted.

Checkers For The 64
Arnold J. Schmeling suggests the following addition and correction for this game from the May 1983 issue (p. 90), which prevent the computer from allowing illegal moves:

545 IF S(E,H)=1 AND B-H<1 THEN 1040
550 IF ABS(E-A)=2 AND S((E+A)/2,(H+B)/2)=
    >0 THEN 1040

UnNEW For The 64
Under most conditions, this utility program from the June 1983 issue (p. 213) works equally well on either the VIC or 64. However, to guarantee proper operation on the 64, reader Don Lewis suggests that the existing line 330 be replaced with:

    330 116,164

and a new tape be prepared in accordance with the original instructions.