Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 39 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 10

Atari Assembler Graphics

I have an Atari 800 and I'm currently using the Assembler Editor cartridge. I can't seem to instruct the computer to switch graphics modes. I've fiddled and faddled here and there with addresses, but it doesn't display a mode that doesn't have garbage all over it. When I read the "Boing" game in COMPUTE! ("Insight: Atari," August 1982) I typed in the subroutine and it didn't work. Using the BASIC cartridge and calling up the program after a graphics call seems like a cop out. Help!

Mark Macuirles

For information on calling graphics modes from machine language, refer to "Insight: Atari" (COMPUTE!, February 1982). Bill Wilkinson presents a modular set of routines for GRAPHICS, PLOT, DRAWTO, etc. It is not a program, but rather a series of routines that you can include in your programs.

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