Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 39 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 10

80 Columns For The Commodore 64

The February "Readers' Feedback" discussion of Commodore 64 add-ons stated 80-column format could be achieved by use of other manufacturers' products, but would "require a separate video monitor" instead of a TV set.

I am considering a color monitor to use with my Commodore 64 and will eventually want to use it as a word processor with 80 columns. The Commodore 64 will only work with a composite input color monitor. I am confused as to the capabilities of that type of monitor. Will it handle the 80-column format, or will I have to get an RGB type color monitor along with some type of interface converter?

R. C. Freytag

The good news is that composite input color monitors give a reasonably good display for 80-column format. The bad news is that, at present, the 80-column boards all have black and white output, so the color monitor is no particular advantage. Also some word processing programs are not designed to work with the 80-column add-ons, so make sure before you buy that the items you are purchasing will work together.