Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 39 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 262


August 10-12, Madison, WI. The second annual Microcomputers and High Technology Conference in Vocational Education. The conference includes beginning and advanced classes on programming, PILOT, CAD, courseware design, and administration. Discussions are planned on microcomputer development and application, and on existing vocational/educational programs using computers. For information, write Dr. Judith Rodenstein, 964 Educational Science Building, 1025 W. Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53706.

August 28, Harrisburg, PA. The Central Pennsylvania Repeater Association will sponsor its 10th Annual Hamfest/Computer Fest. The event, which will be held adjacent to Hersheypark, Chocolate Town, U.S.A., includes indoor dealer displays and a flea market area. Registration $3; tables and table space available. For more information, write Timothy R. Fanus, 6140 Chambers Hill Road, Harrisburg, PA 17111.

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