Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 39 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 251

Educational Programs For Apple And Atari

Random House has added several new reading, language arts, and mathematics programs to its library. All of the following programs require 48K computers with disk drives.

  • Fundamental Word Focus: This series of ten programs for the Atari provides a game-like format to teach vowel identification, syllabication, compound words, and identification of word elements. It includes a record-keeping system and uses color graphics and sound.
  • Tutorial Comprehension: This Apple program is designed to teach comprehension skills to second, third, and fourth graders. The five comprehension skills presented are details, sequence, main idea, inference, and critical reading.
  • Word Blaster: This program for both Atari and Apple computers allows students to practice comprehension skills using context clues.
  • Fundamental Punctuation Practice: This Apple program provides more than 30 lessons on basic punctuation skills. An off-line diagnostic placement test is included with the program.
  • Story Builder: This Atari program, based on the concept of mix-and-match storybooks, allows students to experiment with sentence structure and to create new and often humorous story situations.
  • Galaxy Math Facts Game and Grand Prix: These games, available in both Apple and Atari versions, put the student at the helm of a spaceship or at the controls of a Grand Prix racer. In each case, the student must show a mastery of basic math facts before he or she can complete the mission, or speed past the checkered flag.

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