Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 39 / AUGUST 1983 / PAGE 10


The Editors and Readers of COMPUTE!

Commodore's Public Domain Software

Several readers have written asking about the public domain software released by Commodore. Earlier this year, Commodore announced that they were making 656 educational programs available to anyone, by placing them in the public domain.

Since that time, the software has been reorganized and has been distributed to Commodore dealers. All of the programs are educational (math, English, history, computer science, business, etc.) and are available through Commodore dealers. All programs are for the PET or the 64.

There are 27 diskettes available, each holding up to 20 programs, which are individually packaged and sell for $6.95. Also, copies can be made at Commodore dealerships for a nominal cost.

Since the programs have been placed in the public domain, all prices are, according to Commodore, charged only to offset actual disk costs or the time for dealer copying. None of the programs is available on tape.