Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 255

Color Computer Games

Five new games for the TRS-80 Color Computer have been released by Radio Shack. The programs include adventure, arcade-style, and card games, and all include high-resolution graphics. Unless otherwise noted, all games require a 16K machine.

The games are:

Klendathu, a space adventure based on the book Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein. The players, fighting in the "Bug Wars" on the planet Klendathu, drop from their starship to the planet's surface where they must destroy as many bugs as possible before their special suits run out of energy. The game is available on cassette for $14.95.

Canyon Climber, an action game in which the player must maneuver a climber through three levels of play, setting dynamite charges while avoiding mountain goats, Indian arrows, and falling rocks. Canyon Climber is available in a ROM Pak for $34.95.

Bridge Tutor, an instructional program for beginning and average bridge players. The program includes 100 bridge hands to play or analyze. Messages signal when a wrong bid is made or a wrong card is played. The player can choose an offensive or defensive hand to play, or the computer can play all four hands. Bridge Tutor is available for $34.95 for computers with a minimum of 4K.

Doubleback, a game in which players use a joystick to encircle random objects on the screen with a moving line. Available in ROM Pak for $24.95.

Card Games, a program that gives the player a choice of six games — solitaire, solo poker, last pirate, go fish, blackjack, and war. Card Games sells for $19.95.

Tandy Corporation/Radio Shack
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