Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 255

PET/64 Programs

Midwest Software has released five new programs for the Commodore PET and 64 computers.

  • Script Ease is a 40-column word processing program designed to be useful for both children and more sophisticated users. Requires 32K PET/CBM; $39.50.
  • Datalog is a data base that allows you to create up to 1000 200-character records on a 4040 disk. Datalog interfaces with most word processors to print form letters or labels. Requires 32K PET/CBM; $39.50.
  • Date Due manages overdue items in libraries, printing a variety of reports. Requires 16K PET or 64, and disk drive; $39.50.
  • Ledger is a financial package for personal or school accounts. It handles up to 300 transactions in any number of accounts. Requires 16K PET or 64 and disk drive; $29.50.
  • Multiple Choice creates up to 150 question-and-answer sets per disk file. Any number of questions can be selected from the bank and randomized if desired. Tests can be taken on screen or printed on paper. Requires 16K PET or 64. Supplied only on disk, but can be saved and used on tape; $29.50.

Midwest Software
Box 214
Farmington, MI 48024