Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 255

No-Stick Joystick

Suncom has introduced a joystick-type game controller that has no stick. The Joy Sensor is designed to simulate joystick movement through two activation panels.

When lightly touched by the player, sensors in the panels cause the designated movements on the screen. One sensor panel controls direction, the other controls firing. The firing panel accommodates right- or left-handed players and includes rapid fire.

Joy Sensor, which sells for $34.95, is compatible with the TI-99/4A, Atari, and Commodore computers.

In addition, Suncom has introduced two new joysticks.

The Starfighter for the Apple uses thick-film resistive printing technology rather than the conventional potentiometers with a mechanical linkage. As a result, the "feel" of the Starfighter is described as smooth and pleasant. The joystick includes a throw adjuster that may be varied from 20 degrees to 40 degrees, fire buttons for right-and left-handed players, and dual axis centering trimmers. It sells for $49.95.

Suncom's Tac-2 joystick is made to accommodate the larger hand size and increased strength of adult game players. It includes a large, arcade-style ball top handle, a larger base, a longer cord, and a cone-shaped throw limiter. It includes right- and left-handed fire buttons, and, at $19.95, is compatible with Atari, Commodore, and Texas Instruments computers.

All three products include a two-year factory warranty.

Suncom, Inc.
605 E. Anthony Trail
Northbrook, IL 60062

The Suncom JoySensor joystick simulator.