Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 255

Action Games For Apple And Atari

Penguin Software produced two new games for the Apple and has converted another program for use on the Atari. Each game sells for $19.95.

Thunderbombs finds you in the midst of a swarm of alien dronebombs. Wipe out one wave of attackers and you're greeted with a new group of ships with different tricks. Requires 48K Apple with disk drive.

In Crime Wave, you represent the forces of law and order trying to stop a wave of bank robberies. Make your arrests before the robbers accumulate enough cash to buy a Robot Rammer, the latest in anti-peace officer technology. Requires 48K Apple with disk drive.

Spy's Demise is an arcade-type game in which you solve a puzzle by gathering dossiers, tapes, and microfilms, while eluding the embassy guards. Requires 32K Atari for disk version, or 24K Atari for tape version.

Penguin Software
830 4th Avenue
Geneva, IL 60134