Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 38 / JULY 1983 / PAGE 255


Game Cartridges For TI, VIC And Atari

Romox has adapted some of its Atari games into cartridges for the TI-99/4A and VIC-20 computers. The games include Ant Eater, Princess and the Frog, and Typo. In addition, the company has released a new space adventure game for the Atari – Attack at EP-CYG-4.

The cartridges for the TI do not make use of the Texas Instruments GROM, so they are limited to 8K of memory. The VIC cartridges can make use of up to 32K. The suggested price for each game is $44.95.

  • Ant Eater is a two-player survival game. The players control the ants, which must risk battle with the anteater to gather food and return it to their colony.
  • Typo is an educational spelling and typing drill combined with a space maze. The drill consists of random letters, words and phrases, or the user can enter and be tested on his or her own list.
  • In The Princess and the Frog, a two-player game, the object is to cross a field of jousting knights, navigate the castle moat, kiss the princess, and be transformed from frog to prince – all within the space of 60 seconds.
  • Attack at EP-CYG-4 puts you in command of a flying saucer assigned to attack the cities on the planet below. The planet has 20 areas to navigate and three levels of difficulty.

Romox, Inc.
501 Vandell Way
Campbell, CA 95008