Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 37 / JUNE 1983 / PAGE 10

The New Timex 2000
In your article on the "New Home Computers" (March 1983), you wrote about the upcoming Timex/Sinclair 2000 computer.
    I own the ZX-81 with T/S 1000 software and ZX printer. If I bought the T/S 2000, would I be able to use my T/S 1000 software and ZX printer with it?
Adam Schaffer

Sources at both Timex and Sinclair say that software written for the T/S 1000 will, in most cases, run on the T/S 2000. However, there could be a problem when transferring software from the T/S 1000 to the T/S 2000. At this time, the Timex people intend to provide a stringy-floppy disk drive for the T/S 2000. They are not yet definite about whether there will be a cassette player.
    Even if a cassette is marketed for the T/S 2000, there is still some question concerning the compatibility of the two units. It's possible that a cassette for the T/S 2000 would load at a different speed than the T/S 1000 cassette, thereby preventing software transfer. But these peripherals are still in the planning stage, and we'll need to wait to hear more from Timex/Sinclair.
    However, the ZX printer is expected to be fully compatible with both machines.