Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 37 / JUNE 1983 / PAGE 10

TI Monitor Connection
Can you help me? Our school has recently purchased 8 Texas Instruments TI-99/4A microcomputers. Among the 8 donated black and white television sets was a Hitachi monitor used with an Apple computer.
    Can I hook up the Hitachi monitor to the TI? If so, how?
George S. Ruff

TI-99/4A Video Connector

Although the TI video output is a color signal, an acceptable black and white monitor picture can be obtained by taking the two signals shown in the figure below to the monitor input. The figure shows the video connector as you would see it facing the back panel of the TI-99/4A, or the back side of an easily-obtainable five-pin DIN plug which plugs into the connector. Use shielded cable with the shielding braid connected to the GROUND pin. For the other end of the cable use whatever type of plug mates with your monitor's input jack.