Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 37 / JUNE 1983 / PAGE 10

Promqueen Review: A Manufacturer's Reply
The following comments are excerpted from a letter received from Stephen Bolger, General Manager of Gloucester Computer Bus:

We read the review by Mr. Herman in January's COMPUTE! with disappointment. Mr. Herman evidently did not consider the Promqueen's merits as a development system; he merely considered it as an EPROM programmer. When a manufacturer places his product in the hands of a publication for review he places his trust as well that the product, if reviewed, be reviewed on the basis of its advertizing claims. Unfortunately, the review which eventuated does not appear to address, much less mention the product's claim to be a microprocessor development system. Such systems usually start at $5000 and go up steeply from there. The Promqueen exists to give ultra low cost access to a microprocessor development system.
Stephen R. Bolger
General Manager
Gloucester Computer Bus

COMPUTE! endeavors to provide objective reviews. While we regret that Mr. Bolger feels that his product was not thoroughly described, the review was fundamentally positive and, we believe, balanced. Further, we cannot agree that the Promqueen is the equivalent of a $5000 development system, and would have done our readers and the manufacturer a disservice if we had chosen to review it in that light.