Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 37 / JUNE 1983 / PAGE 10

Understandable POKEs
I have only had my Commodore 64 for a month, and I'm already becoming a fanatic.
    I have a problem which I'm sure others have, and I also would like to propose a solution.
    Most BASIC language programs can be followed with little difficulty, except for the POKE and PEEK statements. Without knowledge of each computer, one cannot follow or use the programs submitted in your magazine.
    My solution is to use REM statements with each POKE or PEEK. For example, if I submitted a Commodore 64 program and had a statement such as

110 POKE 53281,1

many would not understand it. However,


would assist people, since they could then use the appropriate commands or memory location to accomplish this on their computer!
Don Hollingsworth

This sounds like an excellent idea. Some complicated programs use POKES and PEEKS too often for this to be practical. However, many programs PEEK or POKE only a few times and such REM statements would be of real value to owners of other computers.