Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 37 / JUNE 1983 / PAGE 279

June 7-11, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY. The third annual Rochester Forth Applications Conference. This year's conference will focus on Forth and robotics. Other sessions will cover Forth and education, VLSI design, graphics, and finite state machines. For more information, contact Diane Ranocchia, Institute for Applied Forth Research, Inc., 70 Elmwood Ave., Rochester, NY 14611; (716) 235-0168.

June 20 - July 15, Rutgers University, Rutgers, NJ. Computers in Education '83 - a three-day conference and a four-week summer institute. The conference, which will discuss "Necessary Direction for Computer Education; Navigational Aids for the 80s," begins June 27. The summer institute offers 40 professional development courses ranging from one to twelve days. Continuing Education Units and Graduate Credit are available. Preregistration is necessary. Additional information is available from Dr. Mitchell E. Batoff, Director, CE '83, Institute for Professional Development, 245 Nassau St., Suite D, Princeton, NJ 08540; (609) 924-8333.

June 27, Stanford University, Stanford,.CA. International Institute on Microcomputers in Education, sponsored by Interactive Sciences, Inc., and Stanford University's School of Education. Five-week course offers exposure to computer technology and a discussion of ways to integrate computers into the schools. For more information, write the School of Education, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305; (415) 497-2102.

June 27-29, New York Hilton, NY. Videotex '83, an international conference and exhibition on the technology, current use and projections for videotex. For information, write Pam Fendel, London Online, Inc., 1133 Avenue of the Americas, 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10036; (212) 692-9003.

July 20-22, Eugene Conference Center, Eugene, OR. "The Computer: Extension of the Human Mind II" will explore the classroom applications of computers and will discuss current research on computers in education. For information, contact Jude Ridge, College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403; (503) 686-3405.

August 10-12, Madison, WI. The second annual Microcomputers and High Technology Conference in Vocational Education. Beginning and advanced classes on programming, PILOT, CAD, courseware design, and demonstrations of vocational education programs not in use. For information, contact Dr. Judith Rodenstein, Vocational Studies Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1025 W. Johnson St., 964 Educational Science Building, Madison, WI 53706; (608)263-4367.