Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 281


Modifications Or Corrections To Previous Articles

Atari Boggler

In the Atari version of this game (Program 2, p. 84) from the March 1983 issue, in line 870 the "OK" is missing from the third POKE statement.

Direct Atari Disk Access

Two changes are required to Program 3 from this article, which appeared on page 154 of the March 1983 issue. The "{CLEAR" within brackets in lines 30 and 40 should be removed. The {11 M} means type CTRL-M eleven times. The {4 DEL-LINE} means type ESCape-SHIFT-DELETE four times.

Atari Menu Printer

If a file name takes the maximum eight characters plus a three character extension, this program from the March 1983 issue (p. 165) will produce an ERROR 5 at line 780. To correct this, DIMension S$ to 14 instead of 13 in line 130.

Atari Lister

In addition to the changes to this program (January 1983 issue, p. 191) given in last month's CAPUTE!, it is also necessary to change the :FOR X = 0 TO T: in line 32710 to :FOR X = 1 TO T:

To avoid an ERROR 9 message, change line 32700 to

32700 T = 0:TRAP 32705:DIM A$(5)

and add TRAP 40000: to the beginning of line 32705.

Apple Disk Space Messages

In certain circumstances, it is possible that this program from the January 1983 issue (p. 56) can cause DOS to wipe out the catalog for a disk. Donald Box suggests adding the following two lines to eliminate this danger:

35 L = PEEK(72): H = PEEK(73)
120 POKE 72, L : POKE 73, H : NEW

VIC Micromon

The following corrections to the Micromon code published in the November 1982 issue (p. 172) will solve the problems with disk access. (The changes are given in hexadecimal.)

4002 12 15
4013 19 F9
4014 43 FD
4319 20 00
431A F9 00
431B FD 00