Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 265


May 14, Lesley College, Cambridge, MA. The Fifth Annual Computer Conference for Educators, sponsored by Lesley College and the Computer Education Research Coalition (CERC). The conference will be opened by Samuel Gibbon, from Bank Street College, discussing "Micros, Whales, Kids, Boats and TV." The luncheon address, "Computers in Education, The Leaderless Revolution," will be delivered by Dorothy Deringer, from the National Science Foundation. Other activities include two hands-on workshops in FORTH and Pascal, and more than 20 presentations by teachers, researchers, and software producers from the Boston area. For registration forms or additional information, contact Susan Friel or Nancy Roberts, Lesley College, 29 Everett Street, Cambridge, MA 02238; (617)868-9600.

May 19-22, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore. Maryland Computer Show & Office Equipment Exposition. Show manager: Dee Harris, Computer Expositions, Inc., P.O. Box 3315, Annapolis, MD 21403; (301)263-8044; toll free (800)368-2066 (outside Maryland). For further information, contact Linda Roth, 1413 K Street, NW, Suite 1200, Washington, DC 20005; (202) 289-4687.

May 21, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK. The sixth annual Spring microComputer Show & Tell Conference. Several discussions and an on-the-spot programming contest with prizes are planned. Computer buffs not attending the conference may participate by submitting original programs for publication consideration in the Conference Proceedings and for a prize competition. Such programs should be submitted on the official forms. For further information, send an SASE to Show & Tell, Dr. Richard V. Andree, 601 Elm, Room 423, Norman, OK 73019; (405) 325-3410.

May 24-26, Palo Alto, California. A three-day course, "Microprocessor Background for Management Personnel." Instructor: James Arlin Cooper, Sandia Laboratories. Fee: $565, including text and program materials. Information/sponsor: Continuing Education in Engineering, Dept. 532N, University of California Extension, 2223 Fulton St., Berkeley, CA 94720; (415) 642-4151.

June 9-11, Watertown, CT. Hands-on workshop, Microcomputers in Education, sponsored by Technical Education Research Centers (TERC). The workshops are designed for teachers and administrators at all levels. Topics include microcomputers in math and science instruction, Logo, Pascal, BASIC, machine language, and microcomputers and the education of special needs students. For information, contact Ms. Sharon Woodruff, Director of Training Services, TERC, 8 Eliot St., Cambridge, MA 02138; (617) 547-3890.

June 14-16, Washington; July 12-14, Los Angeles. Technology Opportunity Conference (TOC), covering the convergence of optical storage, videodisk, and computer technology. Sponsored by the publisher and editors of Optical Memory Newsletter Including Interactive Videodisks. For further information, contact Ed Rothchild, TOC, P.O. Box 14817, San Francisco, CA 94114; (415) 626-1133.

June 18, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Microcomputers in Education Conference, sponsored by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, a non-instructional department of the School of Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison. The conference will explore issues and applications of microcomputers in elementary and secondary schools. Contact Suzanne L. Zemke, WCER, Room 785A, 1025 West Johnson Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706; (608) 263-4200.

July 20-22, and July 25-27, Eugene Hilton and Convention Center, Eugene, Oregon. Two summer conferences, sponsored by the University of Oregon's College of Education. July 20-22: Computers - Extension of the Human Mind II, an expansion of last summer's conference "computers in education" theme, with a look at specific classroom applications and current research in the field. July 25-27: Education for the Gifted – Patterns for the Future, emphasizing future directions, issues, and potential of education for the gifted. Fees: $95 each, or both for $175. For further information, contact: Summer Conference – 1983, College of Education, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon 97403; (503) 686-3405.