Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 265

Games For The Atari

Romox has released four games for the Atari 400/800 personal computers.

Fortune Hunter is a two-player cartridge game that offers six rooms of treasure and adventure. When you enter a room, it grows to full screen proportions, and then both your treasure and your enemies appear on the screen. Your mission: capture the treasure, and evade or destroy your enemies before your time expires. You are also challenged by deadly cobras, scorpions, genies, moving doors and lances, force fields, and relentless guards that disappear at will. Fortune Hunter has nine levels of difficulty; your speed and agility with your bow and arrow increase at each level.

Fortune Hunter from Romox.

Princess and Frog is also a two-player game in cartridge form. Your objective: make a successful journey to the castle, so that you can kiss the princess and be transformed from a frog into a prince. Your journey must be completed within 60 seconds. You must cross a field of jousting knights to reach the castle moat, and then hop from alligator to snake to the castle gates. The alligators submerge to try to catch you. Once you're at the castle, you must hop into the castle gate that has the lips. Otherwise, you remain just another frog.

Ant Eater is a two-player survival game. You're an ant who journeys to the surface of the earth in search of food for your colony below. On the earth's surface you are exposed to your dreaded enemy, the anteater. Since you know the terrain under the ground, you can lead the anteater under treacherous falling rocks that will destroy him. You can create new paths, but the anteater can travel only in already existing tunnels. You also have five deadly eggs that can be released to dispose of your enemy. If you successfully deliver all the food to the colony, you will be challenged by two anteaters in the next round, and by three in subsequent rounds. The speed also increases with each round.

Typo is an educational game that blends a space maze theme with both spelling and typing drill. The purpose of the game is to introduce the player to the typewriter-style keyboard of a personal computer. Typo can be used to test your typing skill; you set the desired words per minute (1 – 120 wpm) that you are chased through the maze. The drill consists of random letters, words, and phrases. You can practice spelling by putting your own word list into the program.

The suggested retail price for each game is $44.95.

Romox, Inc.
501 Vandell Way
Campbell, CA 95008