Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 265

Software Directory

The PC Clearinghouse Directory contains more than 21,000 software listings. The listings, arranged by application descriptions such as "GENERAL BUSINESS – Accounting" or "HOME USE – Shopping List," provide the user with a full listing of the computer software available for a particular task.

The directory lists hard to find software. Programs for such specialty applications as "feed mill systems" or "resort management" are not normally found on computer store shelves. But these and other specialized vertical market software packages are listed in the directory.

In addition to providing information on the software vendors (company name, address, phone, product line), the directory also cross-references the software with the computer hardware, allowing easy identification of the range of programs designed for use with a specific computer unit. For example, a check of the directory would reveal 785 different general business programs for the Apple personal computer.

The Clearinghouse Directory lists over 200 microcomputers and their manufacturers, and 2,900 software vendors.

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