Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 265


Games For TRS-80 Computers

The Cornsoft Group has introduced four recreational software items for TRS-80 computers -Crazy Painter, Bounceoids, Avenger, and MicroChord. Crazy Painter, Bounceoids, and Avenger are joystick-compatible arcade games. MicroChord is a music generation program.

Crazy Painter requires the player to paint the screen completely before moving on to the next skill level. This is complicated by a mischievous puppy, snakes, and "paint eaters" - all remove parts of the paint at different times. The player must catch the puppy while avoiding the poisonous turpentine bucket and the dreadful snake. Crazy Painter is available for the TRS-80 Models I and III.

Bounceoids come crashing in from space, attracting alien natives with poison darts, off-world snakes, and shaking bugs. Players must blast the bounce­oids and eliminate all the other hazards to advance. During the challenge mode, the flying space flock adds suspense and excitement in a test of strategy, coordination, and targeting skills. Bounceoids is available for the TRS-80 Models I and III.

In Avenger, your Pesticraft zeros in on the invasion of space pests. Take too long to clear the pests, and the mighty Avenger appears and attempts to destroy you. Droid-filled birds and waves of space pests combine for hours of tense aerial challenges. Avenger is available only for the TRS-80 Color Computer.

MicroChord facilitates the creation of original music or favorite tunes. This single program, in machine language, produces excellent two-note harmonics, with the aid of the easy-to-use music editor. Micro-Chord is available for the TRS-80 Models I and III.

The Cornsoft Group
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