Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 146

VIC Kaleidoscope

Alan W Poole

Try VIC Kaleidoscope. You'll find the colors and music mesmerizing. And you can freeze the display and turn the sound off as you please. For any size VIC.

This program produces an endless display of colorful patterns, along with "music" related to the pattern being drawn. If you see a design that is especially pleasing, press the space bar to freeze the picture. Press the space bar again to restart the kaleidoscope. Press the S key to turn the sound on or off.


A: Used in the MOD function and used as the address to plot a square

B: Used in the MOD function

C: Color number

CC: Color number for border

I,J: Loop counters

K$: Key pressed

N: Number of function being used to calculate coordinates of points

R: Random number

S: Kaleidoscope stopped flag. 1 = kaleidoscope going, 0 = kaleidoscope stopped

S1: Speaker address

SA: Screen memory starting address

SD: Sound flag. 1 = sound on, 0 = sound off

X, Y: Position to plot a square