Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 36 / MAY 1983 / PAGE 12

How To Use Atari's Player/Missile Features

I am an Atari 800 owner. How do you use player/ missile graphics? So far, in at least ten publications I have read about enabling it and that's where they stop.

Ely Manero

Player/missile graphics are a powerful, but complex tool. There are a number of things to learn before you can take advantage of all the options that P/M graphics make available to you. It's rather like learning BASIC itself; there's no way to master it in an hour. Your best bet might be to look over and practice with the numerous P/M articles in the new COMPUTE!'s First Book Of Atari Graphics. The book was designed to teach Atari graphics, one step at a time. You might find one of Bill Wilkinson's contributions to that book, "Introduction To Player/Missile Graphics," especially helpful. See the COMPUTE! Books ads elsewhere in this issue.