Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 251

Darkroom Process Timer For The Atari

Darkroom Software has introduced Computer Clockwork, a flexible, programmable darkroom process timer.

  • – May be used to time most photographic processes.
  • – Counts down each step of a processing program second by second, and displays remaining time in both digital and bar graph format.
  • – Permits varying times for each step in a process, from one second to 36 hours.
  • – Allows between 25 and 300 single option steps, depending on available memory.
  • – Temporarily suspends the timing of a step, then will continue, skip over, or restart the step without restarting the whole process.
  • – Uses the Atari's sound capabilities to help the user maintain consistent film agitation.
  • – Requires no special timing modules or interface cards.
  • – Comes with 24-page user's guide.

The program requires an Atari 400/800, 16K (cassette) or 32K (diskette), Atari BASIC cartridge, and extra cassettes or diskettes to save process programs. Optional accessories: one joystick controller, and a red or amber plastic screen cover. The cost is $24.95 for cassette or diskette, plus $2 for shipping and handling.

Darkroom Software
1925-D Pacific Beach Drive
San Diego, CA 92109