Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 251

Drawing Program For Children

Spinnaker Software has released Delta Drawing Computer Graphics, an introduction to programming for children 4 to 14.

With Delta Drawing, children create colorful drawings on the computer screen using single keystroke commands to control the Delta Cursor. Complex pictures, patterns, and designs can be built from simple drawings because drawings are stored as programs and can be used to create extremely complex and sophisticated graphics. Drawings also can be saved on a disk and printed, if a graphics printer is available.

Spinnaker Software's graphics package for children.

In the new program, developed by Computer Access Corporation, editing pictures has been made as simple as pushing E for erase. There are no syntax errors to frustrate the young learner.

The program has been extensively play-tested in Boston-area schools since March 1982. Teachers have recommended using Delta Drawing prior to introducing children to Logo's Turtle Graphics. Delta Drawing has been commended for its simplicity and the ease by which children can produce a stunning variety of computer graphics. No prerequisites are required. A user does not have to be able to read, write, or even know English to use Delta Drawing.

The program is compatible with Apple, Atari, and IBM systems. The cost is $59.95.

Spinnaker Software
215 First Street
Cambridge, MA 02142