Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 251

Preschool Library For The Atari

Program Design has announced the publication of its Preshool Library, a package that includes four popular PDI titles:

Sammy the Sea Serpent – An interactive story with a voice narration: the child uses a joystick to guide poor lost Sammy back to the sea. There are also games that the child can play with Sammy.

The Adventures of Oswald – As a narrator tells a story about a young boy named Oswald, children use the joystick to help Oswald walk, climb, jump, and escape from a deep, deep tunnel. There's also a game entitled "Oswald and the Golden Key."

Preschool IQ Builder 1 – Part 1: Decide whether pairs of figures are the same or different. Part 2: Match the letter at the top of the screen with the same letter at the bottom of the screen.

Preschool IQ Builder 2 – Six lessons of increasing difficulty ask the child to match the letter, number, shape or word at the top of the screen with the same object at the bottom of the screen.

PDI's Preschool Library is designed to help three- to six-year-olds develop certain critical skills that will be needed when they start school. The programs have five important objectives:

  1. To teach shape, letter, and number recognition
  2. To present the concept of same and different
  3. To reinforce directional concepts
  4. To develop listening skills
  5. To improve hand-eye coordination

The package includes a detailed User's Guide. In addition to describing each program and explaining how to use it, the guide presents supplementary activities that reinforce and expand the material covered in the programs.

PDI's Preschool Library is designed for use on Atari 400/800 computers. It consists of four cassettes and the User's Guide, packaged in a convenient storage container. It requires a minimum memory of 16K and retails for $59.95.

Each of the four titles in the package is also available individually, on either cassette or disk. The cassette versions of each title require 16K of memory and retail for $16.95. The disk versions require 24K and retail for $23.95.

Program Design, Inc.
11 Idar Court
Greenwich, CT 06830