Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 251


Commodore 64 And VIC-20 Products

Human Engineered Software (HES) has introduced new software products and a sound-enhancing peripheral for Commodore 64 computers.

Soundbox improves the VIC-20's sound output for arcade games. In addition to the VIC-20, it can be used with Atari, Texas Instruments and other Commodore systems. Soundbox features include audio out, video out and audio in (for Commodore 64). Its suggested retail price is $14.95.

HES's 6502 Professional Development System is a cassette-based assembler package that offers a one-or two-pass 6502 assembler using standard MOS mnemonics and operand formats. It is available for the VIC-20 as well as for the Commodore 64 and has a suggested retail price of $29.95.

HESWRITER 64 is one of several new releases from Human Engineered Software.

HESMON 64 is an adaptation of the HESMON cartridge for the VIC-20. It gives 64 owners the same machine language monitor with mini-assembler. The suggested retail price is $39.95.

HESCARD is an expansion board that includes four switchable slots and a reset button. The board has high-quality connectors and gold-plated edge fingers. Its suggested retail price is $29.95.

Turtle Graphics II is an advanced version of David Malmberg's Turtle Graphics that uses the full graphics features of the Commodore 64. Suggested retail is $59.95.

HESWRITER 64 is a sophisticated word processing package for the Commodore 64, based on HESWRITER for the VIC-20. Its features include full-screen editing; the package has a suggested retail price of $44.95.

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