Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 34 / MARCH 1983 / PAGE 12

Atari Lockup Escapes

I have discovered another Atari keyboard lockup. I followed the suggestions to save my programs often, but my lockup occurs immediately after reloading a program using CLOAD. I even saved it twice and neither copy would work. It was a long program. Is there any way I can recover it?

Roger Johnson

You don't mention whether your machine locked up totally (keyboard does not respond, System RESET doesn't work, etc.) or if you got just an error message. Always first try to escape from a crash by pressing System RESET. Remember also to use the proper cassette procedures. Enter LPRINT before CSAVE. You can try saving program modules with LIST "C:". When you re-ENTER such modules, it is often possible to salvage part of a damaged program.

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