Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 32 / JANUARY 1983 / PAGE 225

Color Video For PET/CBM, AIM, SYM

Color Chart is a color video RAM board designed for Commodore CBM, Rockwell AIM and Synertek SYM type systems. The small 2 1/2 × 5 inch board plugs into a 2532 ROM socket. Two control wires clip to read/write signals in the system and convert the ROM socket into a 4K video RAM.

Color Chart operates in eight different modes, ranging from an alphanumeric 32 × 16 display with built-in character generator to a high resolution graphics mode with 128 × 192 pixels. Up to eight different colors are available, depending on mode. Based on the 6847 video controller, Color Chart reads information that the computer writes to video RAM and translates it into a standard RSI70 type composite video output. This can directly drive most color video monitors or can be used with a RF modulator and color TV set.

Color Chart can be used to present independent color graphics displays on a PET/CBM while the main screen displays corresponding text. Business graphs and game graphics can be displayed. Color Chart provides an inexpensive full screen video display for AIM or SYM and has been used to convert these machines into remote computer terminals.

Color Chart sells for $139.95.

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