Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 32 / JANUARY 1983 / PAGE 225

New Products From Krell Software

Krell Software has announced several new products. Connections is a game system designed to extend and develop the mental capacities of children of all ages. Users select from a variety of game formats as they search for logical connections and learn the principles of scientific reasoning. Connections draws subject matter from all fields of science and the humanities. Connections may be played competitively or cooperatively. Players may set difficulty levels and may add additional data as desired.

Available on disks for Apple, Atari, Commodore, Franklin, Radio Shack, and IBM personal computer systems, Connections costs $99.95 (includes one data base).

The Amazing Ben is designed to introduce programmers of all ages to the art of artificial intelligence. Extensive documentation is provided to help users create programs which learn from their environment. Ben's language enables him to sense his surroundings, to write and read messages, to ask questions and interpret answers, to move at will across the screen, and to create his own memory structures.

The Amazing Ben set of programs starts by teaching you Ben's language. It guides the user in writing a series of increasingly difficult programs to help Ben traverse mazes that he has never seen before. The user can control Ben and see what he sees as he follows the different mazes while both the user and Ben are learning.

The Amazing Ben sells for $79.95. It is available for Apple, Atari, Commodore, Franklin, Radio Shack, and IBM personal computer.

The Ciarcia High-Resolution Sprite Graphics board enables you to maintain as many as 32 sprites (single-color figures of 8×8 or 16×16 pixels) at one time or hires alphanumerics, all with a solid-color backdrop.

The Sprite Graphics Board is Apple (C) slot-compatible. Since it comes with Krell's Multi-Video Board, only one monitor is needed to display both normal Apple (C) video or sprites.

The Sprite Graphics Board comes with two disks (demonstration software and the sprite editor), with full documentation. The price is $325.

The College Board 1983 SAT Exam Preparation Series includes 42 programs covering vocabulary, reading comprehension, word relationships, mathematics, and the test of standard written English. It is available for Apple, Atari, Commodore, Franklin, IBM and Radio Shack microcomputers for $299.95.

Krell is also the marketing agent for the Socrates Chess Corporation's Shelby Lyman Chess Tutorial Series for Apple, Atari, Commodore, Franklin, and IBM personal computers.

The series uses the latest and most effective methods of chess instruction programming techniques to provide truly individualized instruction. All aspects of the game are covered, from basic chess weaponry to the game's most subtle points. The series also offers a chance to match wits against international grandmasters.

Each instruction module interfaces with the Socrates Chess Player. The price of each module is $39.95.

Krell Software
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Stony Brook, NY 11790