Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 32 / JANUARY 1983 / PAGE 10

Atari 400: Can You Add Memory?

I am getting a computer in a few months, but I have a problem. Can the Atari 400 be expanded to hold more memory than it comes with? I constantly see ads for RAM expansion boards, but the ads for the 400 computer itself say "16K RAM (non-expandable)." Well, which is it?

Scott Bonder

Officially, the Atari 400 cannot be internally expanded. However, you can replace the 16K memory board inside your computer with a 32 or 48K board. Atari does not manufacture them, but several third party vendors do. There is even a 64K RAM board sold. Be aware, however, that opening your Atari 400 to replace the board might void your warranty.