Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

Computers In Special Education Conference

The council for Exceptional children announces a National Topical Conference on the Use of Microcomputers in Special Education, scheduled for March 10-12, 1983 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The Hartford Conference will focus on the use of microcomputers in special education programs and on adaptations and creation of software programs for specific exceptions.

Plenary sessions will alternate with professional sessions, exhibits, and demonstrations. Conducted by recognized educator-trainers in both microcomputers and special education, each plenary session will build on the previous one and will provide sequential training in all aspects of selection, purchase, and programming.

Topics of interest to teachers, administrators, and program planners will include: evaluation of hardware and software, administrative uses, data management, computer-assisted instruction, computer languages, programming, and the use of microcomputers to assist the handicapped.

Program Chairperson is Kathleen M. Hurley, Vice President of Research and Development, Developmental Learning Materials, Inc., of Allen, Texas. A past president of the Association for Special Education Technology, Ms. Hurley has served on the Government Relations Committee of the Association of Media Producers and on the advisory boards of LINC Services, Inc. and the Southern Association for Children Under Six.

Program information and preregistration and housing forms may be obtained from:

John Grossi, Conference Manager
The Council for Exceptional Children
Department of Field Services
1920 Association Drive
Reston, VA 22091