Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

Space Ace For Atari

London Software has announced a new arcade quality action game, Space Ace. Using the full hires graphic potential of the Atari 400/800, Space Ace incorporates attention to detail while providing dynamic action.

A player's ship travels over the entire screen, while constantly scrolling, randomly generated, multicolored asteroids provide continuous challenge. Space bombs pursuing you across the galaxy and space mines eluding visibility keep players on their toes. The space death vortex, a rotating three-dimensional orb, randomly pursues your ship. If you escape all these dangers, you may still be destroyed by the pulsating atomic core of the Silurian warship, unless, of course, you are a true Space Ace.

Each "bogie" is uniquely designed with its own distinctive audio, and all are true attention grabbers.

Space Ace provides constant action with three levels of play, each automatically increasing through nine sub-levels of difficulty. In addition, a user-selectable time limit option adds a new dimension of strategy to the game. As the clock counts down before him, the player must decide whether to take extra risks to maximize his score or to play it safe and survive.

Space Ace requires 16K, joystick, and is offered on both disk and cassette at $29.95. VISA/MC: include all names and numbers on card. Please add $1.50 postage and handling per order; California residents add an additional $1.95 tax or see your dealer/distributor. For more information or to order, call or write:

London Software
374 Wildwood Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611
(415) 893-1090