Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

A 40/80 Character Expansion For The VIC-20

An often discussed disadvantage of the VIC-20 was the number of columns of the screen. The length of a screenline was just 22 characters. This could not prevent the VIC computer from being a success in the hobby world, but it made (semi)professional applications impossible.

Computer World has designed an expansion to make the VIC suitable for professional applications, e.g., accounting and word processing, especially when using the Brother 8300 daisy wheel printer/typewriter, adapted to operate with the VIC-20.

Computer World video cartridge

When using our video cartridge, you may choose between a 25 x 40 and a 25 x 80 character mode (25 lines of 80 characters each). This enables you to use the programs written for the 2000, 3000, 4000 and 8000 CBM computers without major alterations.

The Computer World video cartridge for the VIC-20 has the following features:

  • —40 or 80 column display (switchable with BASIC, without losing any program in memory).
  • —VIC and PET/CBM graphics.
  • —32K RAM expansion (instead of 27.5K). Note: All you need is the expansion box with the 3, 8 and 16K RAM cartridges.
  • —Upper-and lowercase with true descenders.
  • —Full cursor control.
  • —Program editing in 40 or 80 column mode.
  • —No alterations needed in VIC.
  • —No external power supply needed.
  • —Fits in the Arfon or Commodore expansion box.
  • —Operates with all ROM cartridges, except those located in the area from A000 hex to C000 hex.

The price is $249 US.

Screen display using the Computer World video cartridge

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