Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

Computer Learning Center

Queue, Inc., of Fairfield, Connecticut, opened (September) its first Computer Learning Center at 161 Kings Highway, Fairfield, Connecticut.

The Learning Center offers computer-assisted tutoring in a variety of academic subjects, including mathematics, English, reading, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, social studies, science, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, psychology, sociology, history, government, philosophy, French, German, Spanish, Russian, and Italian, for students from kindergarten through college and adult. The computers used are Apple II and III, VIC-20, and TRS-80 Model III; PET and Atari are to be added soon.

The Learning Center also offers specialized courses in SAT and GRE preparation, computer literacy, computer programming, speed reading, typing, word processing, and computer applications in business.

The Queue Computer Learning Center offers teachers free orientation courses on microcomputers in education, a large selection of free literature, and an opportunity to review an order from a large library of educational software.

For computer owners, the Learning Center will have a large selection of game, educational, and business software for review and purchase.

Queue is planning to open additional learning centers and is seeking people, particularly teachers, interested in owning or operating a Computer Learning Center.

For more information, call or write:

Queue Computer Learning Center
161 Kings Highway
Fairfield, CT 06430


Queue has also announced two new, free catalogs of educational software for Apple, PET, TRS-80, and Atari computers. The catalogs are K-9 and high school/college. Each contains several hundred programs from a wide variety of publishers.

Write for a free copy, specifying computer and grade level.

Queue, Inc.
5 Chapel Hill Drive
Fairfield, CT 06432