Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

ComputerTown Test Site: A Call For Proposals

ComputerTown, USA!, a micro-computer literacy project funded by the National Science Foundation, is accepting proposals from individuals and organizations interested in becoming an official test site for the project's Implementation Package.

Proposals will be accepted until December 1, 1982. The new site will be announced January 15, 1983.

Project coordinators are looking for a test site within the United States, east of the Mississippi River. The chosen site will assist the project in testing and evaluating the prototype ComputerTown Implementation Package, which provides resource information and materials for starting a community-based microcomputer literacy project.

ComputerTown representatives will make site visits and assist test site personnel with planning and organizing its activities. There are no provisions for the direct funding of the test site's activities, since that is one of the parameters being tested – how local resources can be used to create a community computer literacy project.

Everyone who submits a proposal will receive a draft copy of the Implementation Package, regardless of which location is chosen as the official test site.

ComputerTown offers teaching, consulting, and information services to a network of over 80 affiliates throughout the United States and overseas. These affiliates exist in public libraries, boys' clubs, children's museums, senior citizens' centers, and other community facilities. The selection of a test site in no way precludes regular support and information services provided by ComputerTown to anyone interested in computer literacy.

For proposal guidelines or further information about ComputerTown services and activities, contact:

P.O. Box E
Menlo Park, CA 94025