Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

SOFT 8 For Apple II

Legend Industries' new SOFT 8 for the Apple II computer ends the restriction of the Apple to eight slots.

SOFT 8 provides an extra slot on the Apple motherboard. The SOFT 8 card plugs into slot 7 and provides slots 7 and 8. Switching between the slots is software driven (unlike its sister SLOT 8, which is hardware driven) and allows you to switch between one card and another with simple software commands. With SOFT 8 you can PR #8, IN#8 and catalog slot 8 like you would any other slot in the Apple II. You can now put nine cards in your Apple and have them all software accessible.

The disk supplied with the SOFT 8 allows you to modify standard Apple DOS so that it will recognize the added slot.

An example of SOFT 8's use would be to access between a Z-80 card and a 6809 card. However, there are other possibilities.

For more information and pricing contact:

Legend Industries, Ltd.
2220 Scott Lake Rd.
Pontiac, MI 48054
or (313)674-1340 on modem