Classic Computer Magazine Archive COMPUTE! ISSUE 30 / NOVEMBER 1982 / PAGE 235

Faster Format Speed For Atari

Owners of Atari 810 disk drives purchased prior to Atari's fast formatting engineering change can now increase the formatting speed of their machines by more than 30%.

Atari 810 disk drives with the new fast formatting change can be enhanced by up to 10%.

This faster format speed will decrease program loading time and improve the throughput of programs that require frequent disk access.

Fast-Chip is a kit which requires only one lead to be wired to the disk's main electronics board. With a knowledge of soldering, a person can complete the task in about 15 minutes. The tools required are a screw driver and a low wattage solder iron.

Fast-Chip is available from Atari dealers worldwide for $39.95 and carries a one year guarantee. Installation is available from most local dealers for a slight extra fee, or users can send their drive postpaid with payment of $39.95 plus $15 for shipping, handling, and installation to:

Binary Corporation
3237 Woodward Avenue
Berkley, MI 48072